UNILAG Have Started Giving Admission To Successful Candidates

It’s been 2 weeks since UNILAG released the cutoff mark for 2018/2019 admission. This is to inform the general public that UNILAG has started giving admission to aspirants who made the cutoff mark.

As earlier disclosed, UNILAG won’t be uploading any admission list. All aspirants are directed to visit their JAMB Caps to check their admission status for update.


Step 1 : Launch your browser and visit http://caps.jamb.gov.ng/app_candidates/candidateadmission.aspx

Step 2 : Input your email and password.

Step 3 : Locate caps 2018 (one of the rectangular boxes you see when you sign in)

Step 4 : Click on admission status

Once your status is “ admission in progress”, you have been admitted as that status will change to “admitted” in not more than a week after that. Accept it immediately you see that you have been admitted!

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