How to Use Jamb Past Questions To Score 350+

In my last article, I wrote on 15 reasons to use Jamb past questions for 2019/2020 Jamb. The truth of the matter is that, the importance of past questions cannot be overemphasised.

Something else comes to mind, “how come people use past questions and still fail Jamb woefully”? Because they did not use it properly.

In as much as the use of past questions will help you score high in Jamb, It can also make you fail woefully.
In this article, I will be explaining how to use Jamb past questions to score 350+ in 2019 UTME. Yes, I mean what I just said. Jamb doesn’t have new questions to set; they modify and polish the old ones. You need to be as smart as possible this year…

Commandments To Use Jamb Past Questions

1. Use Jamb past questions pack that contain recent questions (At least, last two years Questions).
2. You must get past questions for all your Jamb subjects.
3. Understand the questions first, then think about how to answer them effectively.
4. Solve all the questions in the question bank (Or as many as possible).
5. Make sure you understand what you solved.
6. Solve it again to check if you still remember. Do not cram past questions; it is a risk.
7. Do not skip any question unless you fully understand it. If you have any challenge, cry out for help.
8. Constantly practice and play with past questions.
9. Put yourself in the exam condition. Do this four times before the exam. Mark your work and see how many you score.
10. Set similar questions for yourself and begin to solve. Use a good text book to cross check and confirm your answers.

Now, for those who are still wondering about the best year to start studying Jamb past questions, I will recommend that you begin from Jamb 2005 questions to a recent date. If you can fully understand and attempt 10 years past questions, then your success in Jamb utme 2019 is guaranteed.

With the above guide, nothing would be new to you in the exam hall. As simple as it may sound, you are on your way to scoring 350+ and Above.

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