We’re in a global business environment with products/service substitute and high competition from the giant to infant industry and what gives most business edge above the other is Advertisement.

The media is at top gears been a resourceful medium of advertisement. From websites, blogs, social media etc.


We cover a wide audience with our website at the forefront using our over 4,000,000 daily audience, be rest assured that your product/service would reach a larger audience.


Banner ads: we support the following banner ads ranging from 728 x 90 with (320 x 100 for mobile) 300 x 250, 160 x 600, and lots more. The banners will be placed in strategic places you choose.

Text ads: Text ads is one of the most flexible means in promoting your products/services offered by . It will be placed where you want, either at the top or middle of our site articles just message visible to all our audience.

Video ads: Video ads will also help your products/ services reach a larger audience. Video ads convey huge amount of information in a short time. It creates more impact on the viewers mind. Video ads helps gives a clear information about your product/services, boost their morale of patronage. If you need the video ads just Contact us +2347051536979

Sponsored posts: Sponsored post is one of the fastest way of attracting audience to your content, product and services. This is done using tools that captures the globe, depending on your targeted audience (age, sex, location etc) reach us on +2347051536979

Text messages ads: Text messages marketing is somewhat hidden in the advertising world. And the benefits of sms ads is that it is open than an email ads, it is faster in delivering, it is less expensive, and it is mobile friendly as well. With over 14million registered numbers we can get your ads seen by them.

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