2019 JAMB RUNS | 2019 JAMB RUNZ | 2019 JAMB EXPO | 2019 JAMB CHOKES | 2019/2020 JAMB RUNS

2019 jamb runs

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2019 JAMB RUNS | 2019 JAMB RUNZ | 2019 JAMB EXPO | 2019 JAMB CHOKES | 2019/2020 JAMB RUNS

How do I get Jamb 2019 expo, runs or special CBT Centre for Jamb 2019? This is the question I have been receiving from numerous Jamb 2019 candidates for the past few weeks.
This question started after I wrote an article on the best and confirmed Jamb expo you need for Jamb 2019. You may want to read it by clicking here .

Now, many candidates have been asking whether I do Jamb runs and If I could help them in Jamb 2019. Some even proceed further to ask how much I charge for Jamb runs.

The truth of the matter is that I don’t engage in Jamb runs. Here at Naijaorbit
, I give you genuine guide on how to pass Jamb and other relevant examinations once and for all.
Before now, it was very easy to get confirmed Jamb expo sent to you via sms on the exam day. This had actually done more harm than good.

Back to the question , will Jamb runs and special center exist for Jamb 2019? Personally, I think it is not possible to do expo or runs in Jamb 2019 and special centers will not be available.
After the famous jamb cbt update that happened few years back, many other updates has followed.

Jamb now has CCTV Cameras installed in all accredited centers and even wrist watches are not allowed in the exam halls. Beside that, there are other strict measures to stop cheating.
Now, you may be asking, what is the way forward? It is very simple, you need to read .
Your best bet in passing Jamb 2019 is hard work. Remember, as far as Jamb is concerned, you will either succeed or suck seeds.

What if I cannot answer all the Jamb questions? It is true that you may not know the answers to all the questions that would be set in the CBT examination, however, there are confirmed and genuine strategies that would make you answer Jamb questions you don’t know correctly.

In conclusion, beware of those who will ask you to send them money so that you would be sent answers in the hall. It is scam! Say NO to Jamb malpractice and be a good citizen…

I good remember last year many candidates where chatting me up begging that they paid to some website ***NAMES HIDDEN*** To get jamb expo but they sent wrong things, some said they sent past question.

So am pleading Please and Please Don't get scammed by the so called jamb runs dealer, Jamb Runs is not real Stay Off Jamb Runs ❌❌

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