He had this smile that heals the soul, I had no doubt he was a gentleman although I was always minding my business. Not because I didn’t like him but because I wasn’t ready but the “beautiful pain it brings” always got me scared.

He has been on my DM for over a year professing his unending love but I minded my business. He deployed another strategy of sending gifts, asking me on a date. I knew something was fishy, but you can never find love until you give in kept ringing on my fishy brains as I opened my heart on him.

It was just weeks to the relationship and boom he started his quest for sex. I told him I was still a virgin but i saw the doubt written all over him.

It was an unforgettable weekend as he came over when we got caught up in a scary romance. He was one hell a professional in romance but I wasn’t in the mood, as I brake his “romance lectures on me”.

I emphatically told him I wasn’t ready as he slammed me to the bed aggressively tearing my cloths, forcefully gaining his way as I bled.

Silently I screamed wishing someone could rescue my tender soul as he smiled sheepishly taking rounds on me.

Oh Love! you so cruel,
Where is the joy you claim?
How could you be so blind, leading me to a journey of pain?

My thought never matter as the did had already been done, my dignity was already stolen by the lips that preached love for over a year.

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