Oh! lovely mother dressed on her green gele, white dress, white heels, a lovely white bag with fancy green stripes, surrounded with so much pains, raped in so many ways, clothed in royalty, perishing in agony.

She gave her heart to the man she saw so much potentials in, who promised her heaven on earth during their courtship but got stabbed, left to die without fulfilling any, Oh! What pain…

Her 109 kinsmen abandoned her, she looked up to her 360 ovaries for affection but everyone of the 360 were pursing conflicting interest. Oh! Pain, frustration, heartache, disappointment was all she had as breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Every year that passes by, she is subjected to smile to same persons that are her worst nightmare….

In all this, she has never given up on herself, she still smiles to the paparazzi, playing the scripts of her director.

She still hope her husband could recall his vows to her, finding his way to her arm. She kept on wishing her kinsmen saw her as part of the family and her ovaries calling her mother once again, showing her the love of a child to a mother.

Oh! Nigeria, as she age so her pains increases, she sleeps with one eye open the other close as the flying bullets from the North might hit her next. She is afraid travelling to the South because of her deplorable roads, and marginalized because she’s from the East.

Oh Nigeria! How is she “ONE” ? Where the slogan is only for the North who dribbles her and to the West denying the East a chance and marginalizing the South by the South.

Finally she is 60, like every other year, she’s dressed to smile to the paparazzi, But this time, she’s set to show to her friends (Africa/the World) that she is stronger than ever, that she remains the lioness and the Giant of Africa.

Congratulations to #Nigeria @60

Script by: ®Joseph Julius Jay Lake

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