[Opinion poll]: The Ogoja Of Their Dream…

Five years of northern governorship, ogoja is only used as venue for political discussions.

They are building in Ogoja only as occupationist to further perpetrate their dominance.

Their obsession is that the people they have appointed from Ogoja should not have monies.
They have resolved to threaten to submission all ogoja Sons and daughters close to them.

They are terminating every appointment of Ogoja Sons for daring to stand up for the truth and quit notices to anyone living in their properties

They have taken all our Lands,
They have converted all our farms, grants/loans from the federal government to their personal use.

They have bought almost all our properties

They have taken all our monies,
Taken all our contracts,
Taken every project meant for ogoja from the federal.

They are poised to denied us of a Federal University of technology because it is proposed by our Son.

They have vowed not to see us United to pursue a common course.

They want to foist on us their boy who will hold power in trust for them and not the people

They have conquered every Ogoja person

And now they want to take all our brains.

They want to be the only cock that crows.

They want to remain the only Okpakanda/onyebru pikin (who has become somebody) and so Ogoja must cease to exist.

Thank God it is all their Dream and not of God.

Ogoja shall be great again and the time is now.

Jimmy Aninege

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