Yesterday Rt. Hon. Jarigbe Agom Jarigbe was the man anchoring and mobilizing for our Digital Governor Benedict Ayade #OneNorth was the code as we all drum support. I remember following the trend, attending most meetings with support Groups to this course till it came to manifestation.

Jarigbe Agom Jarigbe put in so much commitment to the course in electing and reelecting our Governor till the agitation for North having a Governor saw the light. In one of several meeting Jarigbe anchored, his speech was let Cross River North have her piece of the cake.

“Today the strokes from the drummer seems alien to the ears of the dancers”. One can only wonder how can interest be flipped like pack of of cards to prove a point.

Rt. Hon. Jarigbe Agom Jarigbe elevated to the Senate would have saved our party and the Governor respect in the eyes of his co-Governors, it would have strengthen the bond of brotherhood and friendship they share and set a record for us as a senatorial district.

Jarigbe Agom Jarigbe stepping as Senator leaves the House of Reps seat vacant were our Digital Governor would have used to elevate any of his trusted allies but here we are dragging the name of Cross River Northern Senatorial District to mud just to prove a point or end the another’s to political sojourn.

If this fight is in the same political party, I wonder the outcome if we were opposition how our Senatorial district would be looking by now. Just a mere party primary, we lost lives, many injured and hospitalized. When has Cross River Northern Senatorial District become a place where the lives of our youths would be used for power tussle?

Truth be told, the fight between the Governor and Hon. Jarigbe is not because Jarigbe is not performing on his mandate but a yardstick to prove a point, and maybe end his political aspiration.

The Governor indeed remains the leader of the party and no one is struggling his position but in the area of inclusive leadership in the party, the Governor has shown weakness and this is where it all began.

Every ward, Local Government Area, Constituency and Senatorial District has one they address as a leader just as our Governor is seen as the leader as the party. Now who are the leaders our Governor is working with in seeking opinion to foster the success of our great party (PDP)? Even when the party caucus converge, raise opinion does the Governor buy these opinions? Are their interest protected?

As a son, my father is the head of the house but for our growth as a family, all the children need to be inclusively involved in decision making. Where resolved decisions are made, it is expected that every member of the family opinion is considered.

I respect H.E Sen. Prof. Benedict Ayade, I believe in his revolutionary vision in industrializing our dear state, his benevolence in appointing our brothers, sisters, fathers and mother’s in his cabinet is heavily appreciated. But Sir, to save our party in the forth coming bye election, we employ you as a leader of the party to look inward on ways to save the party’s reputation.

Not all wars are set to prove a point as days draws close, the party is a step to loosing a spot for the said election and it would be shameful as a Leader to seat and watch this happened under your administration.

I stand on a neutral ground on this, I come in peace.

Long long PDP



Yours sincerely
Joseph Julius Jay Lake

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