My awkward experience of adolescence (Episode 1) 18+ only

The thunderstorm echoed as we all took comfort under the blanket. We all get humbled each time there’s heavy downpour, as the fear of the thunderstorms beclouds us.

I was only 17 lost in my adolescence as our maid grabbed me tight as the fearful thunderstorm stroke, vibrating the walls of our firmly rooted bungalow. It was just me and the maid at home, mum and dad had gone for their daily businesses as it was my midterm week.

Agoli our house maid held me to herself after the thunder stroke as she cajoled me to a play under the duvet while she played with my pennies. I was so abnormal as my average johnny (pennies) rose like the sleeping lion bringing out some saliva-like substance.

She kept sucking it as i told her I fell like using the rest room but she was lost on her romance as I thought I had urinated in her mouth, but she drank it. I immediately apologized for urinating in her mouth but she told me it wasn’t urine but sperm😳.

Oh! I exclaimed as she smiled sheepishly removing her cloths and touching her pointed nipples with one hand and the other erotically massaging my pennies. Wow I won’t forget that feeling, my blood circulated cyclically in a random motion.

She held my erected average pennies inserting it slowly to her wet pu**y as she morns aw….. Shhhhh… I just watched her seat and stand on my pennies in few minutes I screamed as she morns. Oh! You came again, she smiled sheepishly again as she ran off to wash herself while the door banked with knocks.


To be continued……

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