1.1 I have it on good information that on the 4th of September, 2020. One Mr. Emmanuel Egwu, who is the Public Relation Officer of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP), Yala Local Government Chapter of Cross River State, in preparation to the Cross River North Senatorial District primaries of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) billed to take place the next day being the 5th of September, 2020, was in the company of his associates, Messrs. Collins Adibe. Mr. Bobby lgwe and the deceased, Mr. Charles Onwe traveling to Ogoja for the scheduled election.

1.2 It is to my knowledge that there had been incessant calls from Hon. Cynthia Nkasi, that kept coming with disturbing regularity seeking to know
the location of Mr. Emmanuel Egwu and his associates, in real time, and by extension, their final destination.

1.3 Yielding to the plea and pressure of Hon. Cynthia Nkasi, Mr. Emmanuel
Egwu and his associates had a brief stop over to hear and understand the issues the said Hon. Cynthia Nkasi had that required urgent attention.

2.0 Conspiracy to commit grievous hurt and other unlawful acts.

The confederates of Hon. Cynthia Nkasi and others, in active connivance with some political thugs and criminal elements attempted to forcefully
seize Mr. Emmanuel Egwu and kidnap him to an unknown destination.

I am not unaware of the political undertone and the fears of Hon. Cynthia
Nkasi, who had earlier alluded to the fact that Mr. Emmanuel Egwu is not
in the support of their choice candidate (Dr. Steven Odey), as such, all efforts must be made to either coerce him into joining them or outrightly eliminating him and his associates in furtherance of their plot to commit these unlawful acts.

3.0 Resistance, Escape and Gruesome Murder

It is my further brief that the Dogs of war were let loose so soon after Mr.
Emmanuel Egwu put upa resistance. The mayhem that was unleashed led to the gruesome murder of Mr. Charles Onwe and the grievous bodily harm on others who were jointly attacked with dangerous weapons at the behest, control, and command of the Respondents.

This brigandage led to the loss of life and properties leaving the dependents of the deceased in despair, while the survivors are left in perpetual fear of their lives.

4.0 Corroboration

I was reliably informed that before the deceased was rushed to the hospital, a concerted effort was made by Hon. Olen Patrick Dan (Councilor of Wanikade ward) and other good Samaritans who insisted that a police officer should accompany the deceas ed to general hospital Ogoja before he was adjudged and certified as BID (Brought in Dead).

5.0 Instigation of political violence

The Respondents, with a view to shore up their decreasing political releva
nce in my electoral district, instigated political violence by using thugs who are their supporters and other criminal elements to clamp down on their political opponents.

| am worried that this sad development if left unchecked will conflagrate
and consume, hitherto, the peace and political harmony enjoyed in the Federal Constituency.

I am more persuaded by the facts that this ugly trend of instigating political violence under any guise, will fritter away the gains of our founding fathers and martyrs of our nascent democracy.

6.0 Our prayers

No gainsaying the fact that the allegations as made above carries weight, such that the interest of the family of the deceased, the friends of the deceased, the dependents of the deceased and the society at large must be brought to fore to ensure Justice


I wish to commend the good office of the Inspector General of Police to the dictum of Ngwuta, JSC in OKON V. STATE (2014) LPELR 22446 w


Here he stated thus:

“The concept of Justice is a triplet ofjustice for the victim whose life was cut short in a brutal manner and whose innocent blood cried to high heavens for vengeance, the perpetrators who cannot be denied the benefit of the procedure ordained by God in the Garden of Eden (fair trial/hearing) and the society whose membership has been depleted by one by desecration of its values

I am mindful of the demands of Justice which requires that you cause an
investigation into these allegations with a view to hand down reprimands within the ambit of the law.

While I hope for your urgent intervention of the Inspector General of Police, pray that he will give this petition the solemn attention it greatly deserves.

Yours faithfully,

Rt. Hon. Jarigbe Agom Jarigbe.
(Member House of Representatives)
(Ogoja/Yala Federal Cons tituency)

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