I Am Now A Victim Of My Vows – Joseph Julius

Joseph Julius

Loneliness i feel
Oh! Companion i seek,
Patiently waiting for Mr. Right.

All i wish is to be happy
so he came smiling,
With sparkles in his eyes as he melt the loneliness in my heart..

Oh love! I feel your definition; as my heart drums with affection.

They say nothing last forever but I’ll be your forever was all he preached as i gaze into his warm embrace.

Everything was perfect until the storms came crashing on us and all I vowed against came erupting our beautiful fantasy.

Tears became my companion as my sugar became the onion….
I endured like every virtuous woman for my culture wouldn’t accept me. I was scared of what the world would say of me. Today I’M A Victim Of My Vows

Written by:

~~~®Onigar,Joseph Julius ~~~


Drawing by:

~~~©Nelly Idagba~~~

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