A lot has been trending lately on the media space but i choose to cave out my words from the most trending of all #JusticeForFloyd

It is no news that the killer Corp intentionally killed Floyd irrespective of plead from passers-by, as the viral video clearly shows how he and his colleagues enjoyed the conspiracy by murdering a black man.

Despite Floyd not resisting arrest, he made sure his mission was accomplished. But that is not the essences of this article.

What inspired this piece is the solidarity displayed by Americans in numbers. It proved to the world the source of their power and why they’ve maintained the world power over the years.

This act displayed by Americans should be emulated by our dear Nigerians…. We have had worst scenario than the #GeorgeFloyd case and we’ve always exhibited cowardly attitude letting perpetrators of such heinous crime scot-free.

No Country was born developed, but her citizens caved the pathway to their development. Our fathers paid the ultimate price giving us freedom but ironically we are still enslaved by a Government where we smile to looting, embracing corruption, nepotism and ethnicity.

Don’t let the Slogan One Nigeria deceive you, Nigeria is one to those at the corridors of power who have no conscience for her citizens, who loot to our very faces with no remorse, making policies that recycle same faces different political parties.

I weep writing this not for myself but for our children unborn, what would be their faith? Would they have a place? What would be told of the sacrifices of our heroes past?

We keep hopes in prayers for the revolution where everyone would rise irrespective of tribes/religion in one voice to condemn this failed system of corrupt/greedy men in sheep clothing, recolonizing us as a Nation the second time.

A quick advise; if our Government don’t seek conscience sooner than later, Nigeria shall become a nightmare than Syria where all men shall rise marching like buffalo soldiers against the Government we once supported.

I am a black man with sense of belonging

~~~©Joseph Julius Onigar~~~

The Voice Ofa Common Man~~}

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