It was my mom who had returned from her busy business looking all stressed as Agoli rushed to open the door exchanging pleasantries.

Agoli: welcome ma,
Mrs Kumi: ah… Agoli how are you
Agoli: fine ma, how was your day?
Mrs Kumi: fine, what were you doing looking sweaty?
Agoli: I was busy washing, I didn’t hear you knock, she responded.
Mrs Kumi: oh! I see, where is Fani?

I reluctantly came out of my room as i greeted her from a light tone; mummy welcome, ah Fani why did you hide yourself in the room upon my return?

Upon my reply I could see the pounding of Akoli heart through her teenage dress, I recall her warning me, “no one know know about this”.

I quickly replied I was asleep I didn’t know she was back. Her stressed face could let her eyes examine me through my tone/mood as she dosed off to sleep.

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Oh my poor mother who would tell her that her innocent looking boy has just been ripped off of his innocence? How come she couldn’t even observe me or tell I wasn’t okay from my mood? Should I just tell her what had happened? Would she even believe me? How would she know I’m telling the truth? So many rhetorical questions pounding through my little chest with none to answer.

To be continued……
Scripted by: Joseph Julius Onigar
Mail: onigarjewel44@gmail.com

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